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My Indoor Soccer Season

Sometimes something special happens between a group of athletes and that is what happened to me. It was two years ago and i was playing indoor soccer at Red Rose. It was my first game with my new team.

When you play indoor soccer you don’t have practices. All you have is games on Saturday’s. When my first game ended we won, we were really excited. We barely spoke to each other but, we played really good offense and defense. What i like playing the most is defense because i don’t like people getting past me. If they do they score and I hate when they score. So that is what makes me try my hardest. I like to play with someone who has experience so it is a challenge for me.

When the next Saturday came up we were so excited to see each other. we were playing our second game we were doing better than the last game because we talked to each other more. When we started off on our second game we were losing but at the end we won. We celebrated. We ate there because they had a food bar. We all got chicken nuggets. Then we all went home and we all could not wait for the next game.

When we got together the third week we were all ready for our game we were playing against Manheim Township. We won again and every other game after that. Then we went into championships it was awesome we did not think we would make it this far. We were in the game we started off good then started to get bad we were timed there was one minute left I was dribbling up the field I crossed it to my teammate Adam he shot and scored the last final goal. We were undefeated. So we decided that we were gonna play a second season together.

When my teammates and i got together for our first game of our second season we were ready to play we

At the beach

Imagine water swishing at your feet on a sunny day. Have you ever felt this well my favorite place is at my beach house which is in delaware. I like to go to my beach house because i can open my door walk down the steps jump high into the air and land right on the wonderful beach with the smell of the ocean aswell i can take a small walk right to the board walk. I also can drive and race golf carts around the development.

In my beach house is a seventy inch flat screen tv and an xbox one. There is also a pool near my the house it have four different pools on is a whirlpool another is a diving board pool and the last two are just normal but it can still be fun especially with my friend trae he is the funniest person i know in the world all we do is pranks to my family members it is hilarious another thing that we do the is fun is the pool. Me and him love to do all kinds of flips off them. We do a game called pig it is fun what you do is one person does a trick and the other person has to do it the same way, then it would be the other person's turn to do a trick.

Another way that my beach house is my favorite place to be is because their is an ocean right outside my house and you can go swimming. Me and my friend Trae love to do the superman in the wave. A superman is when a wave comes you turn and face the shore and put your hands and legs straight and you go flying threw the water. It is a cool thing to do if you ever get a chance to go to the beach try it. It might seem scary at first but once you do it a couple times you’ll get use to it and it will fun. What i love to also do in the water is jump the waves. Also if you look in the distance there is always dolphins jumping but there is no sharks and if there was i would not go swimming any more.

Another way that my beach is my favorite place to be is because in about five minutes of walking left on the sand is the boardwalk and who doesn’t like the boardwalk. at the boardwalk is multiple arcades which are filled with arcades. Also the boardwalk has mini games to win prizes and places to eat. My favorite place to eat is Grottos. Its the best pizza place in the world. Well thats what i think. It has sauce and cheese swirled on the top of the pizza. It is really good

This is all the reasons why this is my favorite place to be these are all my favorite reasons i love to be at my beach house. Its because of the amazing pizza, doing the superman when an enormous wave comes in the ocean. Or the great big board walk wit a whole bunch of stores and games and the big arcades that are filled with crazy cool arcade game its really fun.


I love sky zone. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park. My friend Cooper and I went together and we did all the activities It has a foam pit, dodge ball, and a spot where you can do anything. We went to the place where you can do anything first and we double bounced and he made me go flying like a bird. Cooper and i were bouncing like maniacs. It cost twelve dollars for the first half hour and four more dollars for every other half hour. You also get a pair of orange socks that have little sticky squares on the bottom so when you jump you don’t fall. Oh, I almost forgot that there is this thing called Sky Slam. Sky slam is a game that you dunk or shoot you can choose. You can do any flips you want to and there are even trampolines on the walls. You can have birthdays parties their you can even rent out the whole place or just have a party with other people. It is right next to Greenfield Industrial Park. I hope I see you at Sky Zone one day.

Online Safety

More and more people spend time online including me. Some people are bad and they want to steal your identity or hack your account. My story can help you from being hack or your identity stolen it gives you information about Cyberbullying Information privacy and Digital etiquette.

Cyberbullying is mainly bullying online. Cyber means online and bullying means being mean to someone or saying embarrassing things about that person. So cyberbullying is mainly was it sounds like bullying online. Cyberbullying is not a good thing to do. Why would you even want to do it anyway to get back on someone. cyberbullying is not a good thing so dont do it.

Digital etiquette can also be called netiquette. you should never ever show you private information to anyone even if they seem nice they will seem nice to you then but when you share your private information they wont be so nice to you then they can hack your account.

Information privacy is a good thing to have it protects your information like a vault protects money. It will only let you access it it wont let anyone else access it unless you let them. Make sure your have information privacy so it can keep your stuff safe.

All this information will keep you safe online and won’t let you get hacked.It will do only good for you and if you are getting cyberbullied then you just block that person and dont talk to him ever again.